Every Indian Student College Life (part -3)

Second semester started also our fun was started.Every day after lunch we hostel and take a rest 15 to 20 minute Then we go class room that time we saw a our classmate either hostelmate in hostel they don’t come in class we asking him They said i put on bunk a class one week .we ask him our tutor is anything scold you they say nothing say in our tutor also we are happy. That afternoon we all don’t go class.It is our First Bunk in class I think that time pubg was very popular we put on room match that afternoon to night then next day we go class our tutor nothing to say So we all are again exciting after a day again we bunk a class.

Our Hostel food was very poor more dislike our food so we goto outside a hotel after a dinner we enter a hostel playing some games like cricket,football inside a hostel floor some time we damage lights, window .Then after 11 clock we start a debate one to many student its about politics that one was supported a BJP for Tamilisai Soundararajan (Governor of Telangana) but we all are against him we troll that guy its take 4 clock then we go to sleep. Some day power is cut midnight that time we all are make more noise hostel warden was very angry also we make more angry we scolded wardan they replaying me who are you that guy that all of us more silence so warden can’t find it some time knock a warden room warden room was firstfloor our room was third floor then we quickly go to our rooms.One Day midnight we all of us in a room one guy give a idea this night we make a more fun so we all asking him what idea our room to our hostel gate was small distance that night warden not in hostel so we make fun with watchman so we decide we have light throw to watchman eyes then play song we dancing we make more more noice watchman was noted in our room number but we don’t know next day what happen on every day aslo next day happen but after noon HOD was call a who in 405 that guy are going to meet a hod but we don’t know why he will call our friends after a hour our that roomate was come and meet we one guy is said ….,we will next part

" NO = Next Opportunity"